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People tend to overlook homemade soaps due to the lack of knowledge and awareness of availability about the product.  Homemade bar soap is far superior to those sold in the stores. Granted, the process of making this kind of soap is long and, at times complicated. However, you can find stores online and even offline that sell homemade bar soaps.  We want to help you understand some of the big benefits that come with buying such a homemade product.

So, what are the benefits of homemade soaps?

Homemade Soap Contains No Harmful Chemicals

Have you ever seen the list of ingredients on a store bought soap package? It reads like a chemistry lesson.  if you have not paid attention lately, the list of ingredients on store bought soaps seem endless. The manufacturers of such products not only use the basic ingredients like water, sodium hydroxide, and lye but also add synthetic preservatives, fillers, and chemicals.

The ingredients in store bought soaps are meant to give the soaps their attractive scent and appearance. They also however, harm your skin. Worse, some studies have shown that some of the ingredients can harm the nervous system and disrupt your hormones.

To make matters even more complicated, many commercial soap makers usually remove the glycerin produced in the process of soap making. This is bad news because the by-product of glycerin are humectants, which moisturize the skin. That is why many store bought soaps cause skin dryness and irritation.

Homemade soaps win in this area because they are made of natural basic ingredients. We for example, in making our soaps use only the basic natural ingredients required.  All additives are also natural products. This means that when you buy our soaps, there are little to no unhealthy side effects.

Great Value for Money

Store bought soaps are usually made by large companies, which dominate the market. The soaps are mass-produced with the aim of making the highest amount of profits possible. This means that you either buy what you get, or take a hike.

Stores like ours that sell homemade soaps however can offer you interesting options. While using all the basic ingredients, we also offer highly customized soaps, such as goat milk soap for your special needs or wishes.   Another important fact is that we use simple, natural ingredients and no unnecessary fillers.  You really are buying a product that not only promotes better health for you, but also better health for our planet. 

Bottom Line

You need not make your own homemade soaps to enjoy the many benefits it offers. Online stores like ours are a great place to shop for lovingly made soaps that have the kinds of ingredients you would want to use, if you made them yourself.  Our products will keep your skin clean and healthy, without harmful chemicals getting into your system.  Try it for yourself, and see the difference!

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