6 oz Candle Tin Candles Smells Like Lush

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Blue Bubblegum Crush (Smells like Candy Fluff), Coco Loco Mama (Smells like Floating Island), Fluffy Almond Icing (Smells like Snowcakes), Frosty Musk (Smells like Ice Blue), Galaxy of Stars (Smells like Supernova), Honey Vanilla Love Dust (Smells like Soft Coeur), Invigoration (smells like Avobath), Jasmine-Honey (Smells like Flying Fox), Kismet (Smells like Karma), OMG Olive Branch (Smells like Olive Branch), Overzealous (Smells like Trichomania), Rain Forest (Smells like Jungle), Rocking The Stars (Smells like Rock Star), Rose Jelly (Smells like Rose Jam), Shelter (Smells like The Comforter), Stiletto Blonde (Smells like Sex Bomb), Toffee-Sugar Crunch (Smells like Honey I Washed the Kids), Vanilla Sugar Dusk (Smells like Snow Fairy), Yeah for Yummy Yummy Yummy